Hide your personal chat on WhatsApp without deleting it, this is the easiest way

In today's era, everyone uses WhatsApp for chatting.  Obviously you will also do.  There will be some contacts in your Friend list from which you chat secretly and you want no one else to read that chat other than you.  So today we will tell you about a special trick here, through which you will be able to hide your personal chat without deleting it.  Let's know about this special trick. 

This is how Android users hide their personal chat

  •  First open WhatsApp.
  •  After this, press the chat you want to hide for a while.
  •  You will see the archive option at the top.  Click on it.

After doing so, your personal chat will be completely hidden.

This is how iPhone users hide their personal chat

  •  Open WhatsApp in the device.
  •  Now slide the chat you want to hide.
  •  After doing this you will see the archive option.  Click on it.
Doing this will hide your personal chat.

Here's how to bring Hide Chat back

  •  Open WhatsApp to bring Hide Chat back.
  •  Then go to the bottom of the chat screen.
  •  Here you will see the option of Archived. .. Click on it.

  •  Long press on Archived and click on Unarchive option.

This way your hid chat will come back

QR Code feature coming soon in WhatsApp
 WhatsApp users are about to get the QR code.  The company is testing QR code support on the beta versions of Android and iOS, after which users will be able to scan the new user's QR code and save its number.  However, no announcement has been made about the release date for all of this feature.

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